C.14. Répondre à un appel d'offre international : les contrats offset

Answer to international invitation to trander : the offset contracts



Objectif pédagogique


The goal of this course is to expose participants to the basic international contract law principles related to negotiation of international contracts with a State (the offset) and its practical impacts to the negotiation, drafting and management of offset. Taking an international professional negotiator oriented approach, we will study how to deal with the legal dimension of offset. Firstly from a analytic point of view, we will describe the numerous contracts and obligations in order to improve the basic legal analysis skills. Secondly from a dynamic point of view - case study - we will study the main difficulties in order to draft an offset legal guideline. Note : cette formation se déroulera en français et anglais, les contrats étant par hypothèse rédigés en anglais.



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This course will benefit firstly to the professionals who had to answer to an international invitation to tender, to subcontractors who are part to the main proposal or impacted by, and secondly to solicitors, trainees and paralegals who draft, negotiate and conclude international contracts who advise on international contracts and international contract law, or who advise on cross-jurisdictional concerns (forum, conflicts of law and foreign judgements).




Niveau d'anglais B2 ou plus du Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues.


Durée : 1 jour (7h). 




Professor of law. He alternates writing books on commercial law – Corporate law, Labour law, … - and practicing international law. Former lawyer to the Paris Bar, he is senior expert for the European Union, especially for international contracts in the African/Asian area. He negotiated international contracts, or the settlement of international disputes in international commercial/financial contracts for example between the European Commission and States. 




I. The divers regulations

1. The International law

2. The European law

3. The National laws

4. The corporate guideline


II. The group of contracts

1. The main contract

2. The framework netting agreement

3. The business agreements

4. The divers offset certificates


III. The common principles

1. The Conditionality

2. The Causality

3. The Liability

4. The Criminality


IV. The main offset clauses

1. The recital

2. The obligations

3. The procedure


V. Case study and a short offset practical guideline (simulation de négociation d’un contrat offset )